Rocky Interactive Horror Show (1999 PC Game)
  • Rocky Interactive Horror Show (1999 PC Game)
  • Rocky Interactive Horror Show (1999 PC Game)
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The Rocky Interactive Horror Show is an adventure PC game released in 1999 and based on the original show. At the beginning of the game you are offered to play as either Brad or Janet. One of these young lovers will be turned to stone by the "Medusa machine" on the doorstep of Frank N Furter's home. The remaining partner has to rescue the other one, before the house transforms into a spaceship and takes off for the planet Transsexual Transylvania.

In order to do this you must collect all the puzzles (over 80) and the nine pieces of the Demedusa puzzle. Your partner is hidden somewhere in the house and you have only 30 minutes to collect all the pieces and solve a final sub game. The game is completely controlled by keyboard.

Featuring both Christopher Lee and Richard O'Brien himself (as the Narrator and "Game Devil", respectively) in a number of video clips played throughout the game. Richard O'Brien performs acoustic versions of various Rocky Horror songs. They can be played in-game at the jukebox found in the gallery, or you can play the AVI files directly off of the CD-ROM. Also includes Techno style cover versions of Time Warp, Science Fiction and There's A Light, performed by The JunkHeads. In very good condition!

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